James Dunlop Homepage

Company: Animal Logic

Roles Performed:

  • Lead Modelling(HarryPotter Xfer)
  • Rigging
  • Lead Rigger(Peter Rabbit)
  • TVC CG Lead
  • Modelling(Film/TVC)
  • Animation(Tvc)
  • TVC | Hyundai Sante Fe

    Roles Performed

    Lead Modelling | Rigging Billboard

    TVC | SOH Graphics Intro

    Roles Performed

    Lead Rigging All | Animation 7 shotsmain opener


    TVC | TACs

    Roles Performed

    Lead Rigging Bike and Man


    TVC | Coke Polar

    Roles Performed

    (Env Modelling TVC Cave. Previs only) Face remodelling baby bear





    TVC | Future Unlimited

    Roles Performed

    Modelling | Rigging | Animation DNA Strand


    TVC | Hilltop hoods

    Roles Performed

    Lead Rigging main Chars + robot

    Animation - Modelling Robot scene

    TD Stuff for zeotrope approach


    TVC | Rams - Sauna

    Roles Performed

    Lead Rigging
    vimeo: https://vimeo.com/37833503

    TVC | SBS Billions

    Roles Performed

    Lead Rigging

    Design / for Ice transition

    vimeo: https://vimeo.com/37797729

    TVC | Elantra

    Roles Performed

    Lead Rigging

    Some env Modelling - roof and roof dome / edges cleanup


    TVC | DHA

    Roles Performed

    Lead Rigging / Animation

    Some env Modelling - roof and roof dome / edges cleanup

    The Loop: http://www.theloop.com.au/animallogic/portfolio/how-to-become-a-swapper/20473

    1FILM| Harry Potter 7b

    Roles Performed

    AL's Modelling Lead 3D Stereo Transfer

    TVC | CWBank School Banking

    Roles Performed

    Lead Rigging Axolotl

    TVC | Kia Optima

    Roles Performed

    Lead Rigging

    Rigs for missile, chopper, boat, alien body

    vimeo: https://vimeo.com/37790358

    TVC | ING

    Roles Performed

    Lead Rigging

    Animation of the `Niicceee' shot

    TVC | AT&T

    Roles Performed

    CG lead | Rigging


    vimeo: https://vimeo.com/37781821

    TVC | Bundy

    Roles Performed

    Rigging Bear

    vimeo: https://vimeo.com/37784295

    TVC | Dollop

    Roles Performed

    Rigging Dollop Character

    TVC | Nike Flyknit

    Roles Performed

    Rigging Shoe | Animation Shoe Elements (No lacing effects)

    TVC | KitKat Hippo

    Roles Performed

    Rigging Bird and Hippo Characters


    on vimeo: http://anim83d.com/index.php/animallogic/274-animallogic

    Company: LemonSky / Essential Media and Entertainment

    Roles Performed:

  • Series Technical Directory(Pipeline Development)
  • Modelling(Sydney SailBoat)
  • Rigging TD(Boat rigging scripts)
  • During my time on Bubblebath Bay I was involved in all kinds of roles, from operating / designing processes / process implementation / training / documentation etc etc.Clicking on read more will provide a further breakdown of roles performed during my time at Purple Pictures / Essential  Media.

    Pipeline Design

    Pipeline Build and Implementation

    Various Shotgun Applications Coded:

    Documentation / Wiki / In House training etc
    Responsible for writing tutorials and documentation for the tools and various processes built.