GimIK Live Guide - 02 The knee

All code here is provided as is without support.
Use at your own risk! These posts assume you have some knowledge of import/running python script in maya

So sure, it’s all well and good to hook just the FK to follow the guide and consider it a live guide. But we have a bunch of other things we can consider for the fit to make life easier for someone else coming in to fit the rig to an asset.

Since the grimIK caters for characters lets stick to using character terms here;

We’re now going to focus on how to do the knee position by adding a knee guide and working out how that relates to the 2 limb lengths via some simple vector math.

The two distances we’re interested in here are the hip to knee, and knee to ankle.

So we can whip up a quick bifrost network to figure this out for us.


And noodle that into the graph like so;