All code here is provided as is without support.
Use at your own risk! These posts assume you have some knowledge of import/running python script in maya. If Gifs/Images are not displaying in Chrome try a different browser.

So I decided to look into biFrost and see what the noodling is like. Here’s a little aim network test I put together.


So this takes the worldMtx[0] as an input for both the aimed and aimedTo and outputs a matrix(that I have decomposed to SRT [ scare rotate translate] )


I have to say that it was a bit frustrating trying to create regular mtx2SRT output that I can connect to a maya node (with angular rotation inputs) was some kind of voodoo magic I , could not work out. But other than that it was relatively painless!

This is crossing the X and a unitZ vector to give the upVector. Could look to extend this later for a use specified up vector etc etc…..