om2-BeginnersGuide 01 - Final Thoughts
All code here is provided as is without support.
Use at your own risk! These posts assume you have some knowledge of import/running python script in maya. If Gifs/Images are not displaying in Chrome try a different browser.

So these limited posts should give you a good scope to start playing with om2.

(at the time of writing this I’m going to refer to some colleagues starting out with om2 and add any posts necessary to help them understand some of the concepts to get them up and running with the basics)

If you want to create a cmds.myCommandName you can refer to the MPxCommand post

I will say this; after using om2 for a while now, AutoDesk are definitely slacking a bit updating this code base. There are still things missing from om1 to om2 that should have been updated by now, and there are some things you can do in cmds that you just CAN NOT do with om2 (cmds.skinCluster, sculptTarget) etc…

It is a great tool to add to your problem solving kit, so get stuck in and start messing :)