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A constraint is your “middle man” between A and B. Lets assume for now that A is the control curve that Animators will use, and B is our Cube for now. Though you can create constraints on a lot of different things…

Essentially you are specifying a relationship between the Ctrl and the cube. “Hey Cube… you’re doing this because the control is doing this.”

Constraints come in a few forms!

It might all seem a bit confusing, but the name of the constraint is usually a good indicator as to what kind of “relationship” you’re creating between the control and the Cube.

Here are some of the base constraints;

eg in Maya:

And so on….

eg in Houdini:

And so on….


All of these can help setup a control system for the Rig, controlling systems such as Deformers / FK / IK chains etc

When using constraints in rigging, we usually do these on the parent of the control so that way nothing interfers with the animators keyframes.

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